Summer is the perfect time to visit great events. That’s exactly what the GEO Protocol team did last weekend when several of us visited Odesa, a beautiful Ukrainian city on the Black Sea shores. The city is worth visiting on its own, but especially so when there’s an incredible blockchain party in town.

‘Blockchain Incredible Party’ – that’s exactly what the name of the BIP001 conference held by @distributedlab stands for, incidentally. 

It was the eighth time the annual meeting had been held, and this time it went by the crosshead Crypto Winter Edition, despite the fact that it’s actually Crypto Spring that is now unfolding across the industry. BIP001 is a not-for-profit advertising-free conference designed mostly for networking of blockchain professionals, so the number of delegates is deliberately limited to just 90 people, to allow everyone a better chance to actually meet each other.

It was great to meet attendees from Ukraine, the US, the UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

In particular, we were happy to see representatives of our partners and investors from CoinFund. Also, we had a brief conversation with great minds from the industry in the form of Giacomo Zucco, Hartej Sawhney, Gordon Einstein, and other awesome people.

We also found potential partners that will help us with developing our project.

As always, there were a number of meaningful speeches and panel discussions. In particular we paid attention to a panel titled “How is the digitization of real assets shaping the future?” We at GEO Protocol are actively working on this subject, so it was very interesting to follow how other developers see the issue of asset digitalization.

And of course, the great pre-party and afterparty, where all the interpersonal action actually happened!

We will definitely be visiting the BIP001 conference again with the hope of seeing all these great people again and meeting some new faces as well.