The Kyiv Blockchain Week is about to end soon. Of course, the GEO Protocol team was involved in the biggest annual blockchain event in Ukraine. Here’s a brief recap of how it’s been.

Global Payments Day

Max Demyan of GEO Protocol is presenting during the Global Payments Day

Max Demyan, CEO of GEO Protocol, was invited to speak at the Global Payments Day: The Future of Global Payments conference that was held at Klitschko Expo in Kyiv, Ukraine. The conference brought together a number of company representatives of traditional payment solutions and banks (Transfer Go, Payoneer, World Wire, UApay, EasyPay, UnionPay, PrivatBank, Alfa-Bank, etc.), companies like IBM, Vodafone, Uber Eats, Baker McKenzie, UkrPoshta, and WebShield, as well as blockchain-related companies like GEO Protocol, Distributed Lab, and CryptoLaw Partners.

Max was speaking about decentralized payment infrastructure for cross-border payments, and then participated in an interesting panel discussion among other speakers.

Blockchain UA

GEO Pay & Alice-Bob stands at the Blockchain UA conference

Blockchain UA is the largest blockchain event in Ukraine, and the GEO Protocol team took part in it with a stand where two GEO Protocol products were presented.

One of the products was GEO Pay – a local P2P payment network that has been around for a couple of years already and has more than 10,000 users.

And the other one was the new product built with GEO Protocol technology: Alice-Bob – a Telegram bot for cryptocurrency exchange and transfer. Alice-Bob was launched in beta just a day before the conference, and it generated great interest among the conference participants. More than a hundred people tried the bot out right on the spot, so they could see the ease of use and speed of transactions of crypto and fiat assets in the GEO Protocol network.

Read the Alice-Bob report about this event on its Medium blog.

GEO Protocol / GEO Pay / Alice-Bob team and a representative of Codex at the Blockchain UA conference

Also, two representatives of the GEO Protocol team participated in the events on the main podium: Max Demyan explained and presented the work of the GEO Protocol ecosystem. He used Alice-Bob to make a transaction right on stage and the transaction was shown on big screens by the GEO Explorer live network visualization.

Max Demyan demonstrates on stage how GEO Protocol works, performing a live transaction during the Blockchain UA conference
Dima Chizevsky of GEO Protocol takes part in the Consensus Algorithms and Modern Practical Cryptography panel discussion during the Blockchain UA conference

Also, Dima Chizhevsky participated in a panel discussion titled ‘Consensus Algorithms and Modern Practical Cryptography’.

Overall, it was a great event as always. Brilliant organization, great location, nice atmosphere, and meaningful discussions. Plus meeting dear friends and colleagues, as well as new useful encounters.

We love Blockchain UA and looking forward to be there next year. You should consider coming too!

Layer 2 Meetup: Osaka edition – announcement update

As you probably already know, we will organize the Layer 2 Meetup for the third time this year. After New York and Berlin it will happen in Osaka on October 10, 2019, this time, during DevCon 5.

We hope you have got your FREE ticket for the Layer 2 Meetup already because we already found and booked a great venue for the event! It is a 15-minute walk from the main DevCon location.

Several great speakers have already confirmed their participation, and there will be more (see details by the Eventbrite link above).

If you wish to become a speaker or co-organizer of the Layer 2 Meetup, or maybe you just want to support it, please contact Vadym for details:


Telegram: @vadnester

And of course, feel free to join the Layer 2 Telegram chat to keep up with the latest community news and updates!