This month the GEO Protocol team visited Devcon V in Osaka, Japan, held the third Layer 2 Meetup: Osaka edition and mercifully avoided the Super Typhoon.

DevCon V

You cannot underestimate the significance of an event like Ethereum Devcon. Despite some visitors leaving disappointed this year, partially because they were expecting firmer details of the Ethereum 2.0 launch, the event was great in bringing all these people and projects together to feel that unity and exchange their experiences and share the passion.

This multiplied with Japan and its great people and culture, which did a lot of good for the GEO Protocol team. We were happy to be there, hearing all those speeches, meeting all those people, getting to know all those interesting new projects and seeing old friends and partners. You know who you are!

But there were a lot of off-Devcon events and parties we gladly were a part of. 

#reimpact by Neufund. Nice event with great idea and good networking.

Post-Conference Rooftop Drinks. Great roof! Great networking.

Japanese Shabu Shabu Dinner & Drinks. Oh yes, that was tasty! And fruitful conversations too! Thx Pepo!

The Official Ethereum Jesus Osaka Pub Crawl & Karaoke. Well, if you were there, you don’t need any introductions. And if you weren’t – you don’t wanna know.

Aragon Dream DAO Party – DAICO Edition. A very pleasant event that combined great networking atmosphere of a party with the meaningfulness of a meetup.

DEVCON5 Blockchain Research Meetup. Interoperability talk by Alexei Zamyatin of Imperial College London was of particular interest for us.

We also visited Kick-off Karaoke Pub Crawl, Market Makers & Liquidity Suppliers Meetup, DeFi Dinner, and Defi Drinks. That was fun! And interesting as well. 

Overall, we have to say that the Ethereum community are all great guys, girls and gender neutrals!

Layer 2 Meetup: Osaka edition

Of course, the major highlight for us was the Layer 2 Meetup. This time the GEO Protocol team organized it together with Celer Network and Nervos Network. The Meetup was supported by CoinFund, Cartesi, Monday Capital, POA Network, Matic Network, and Offchain Labs.

We thank all the projects that supported the Meetup, which has now become a true community event and not just our own initiative.

Also, this time the Layer 2 Meetup was the most attended of all previous Layer 2 meetups (we organized two before in New York and Berlin). We were happy to see about 90 people attending the event in Osaka.

The following great speakers delivered talks:

There were two panel discussions. The first was moderated by Jake Brukhman, CEO & Co-founder of CoinFund. And the participants were:

The second panel was moderated by Yiannis Varelas, Co-founder of Monday Capital, and the participants were:

If you missed the event you can watch the video report form the meetup right here:

We are dedicated to proceeding with more Layer 2 Meetups in the future. Stay tuned for further announcements and reports!