As you probably already know, GEO Protocol is a great open-source protocol for the Internet of Value. It can enable various financial networks of different natures (like different blockchain ecosystems, as well as traditional finance networks) to interoperate seamlessly, thus forming a universal supernetwork where every value asset can be transferred and exchanged as easy as information is on the ordinary internet.

GEO’s open-source technology can also be used to build completely new solutions that will not only be efficient by themselves but also will be integrated into the global Internet of Value right out of the box.

This all sounds great, you say, but can we provide a more practical example? Like creating something that actually demonstrates all the features we’re talking about?

Absolutely. First of all, it is worth mentioning that there is a working service built with GEO Protocol technology. That is GEO Pay, which we talked about recently. But this is only the beginning of the entire ecosystem that is about to form.

So, to give you a better perspective, for now, GEO contains three basic elements (see image):

  • GEO Protocol: the TECHNOLOGY that enables interoperation between existing as well as the creation of new value networks and fintech solutions.
  • GEO network: the free-to-enter ECOSYSTEM, the Internet of Value protagonist, based on GEO Protocol technology.
  • PRODUCTS powered by GEO Protocol: actual products and/or services that will be created as part of the ecosystem. Of course, other existing or future products can join the GEO network too, as long as they adopt GEO Protocol for the sake of interoperability.

One is already created and has been working well for some time already — GEO Pay — and there are two new products that are coming soon. We can’t disclose any more information about these yet, but rest assured, you will be hearing about them soon! Please remember to subscribe to our channels to ensure you’re first to hear about them.

And, of course, there is scope for more products and services that are made by you. If you’re interested in what GEO Protocol technology has to offer, feel free to contact the team and join our growing ecosystem.