GEO Protocol is pleased to announce that we published the first version of our White Paper. You can download it from our website, or just use this direct link here.

Currently, it consists of five parts:

  1. Introduction section: contains the protocol’s summary and brief market overview.
  2. GEO Protocol: components and participants section: this one gives an overview of the GEO ecosystem.
  3. Participant Incentivization section: concentrates on a high-level explanation of the GEO Protocol’s economic model.
  4. Use Cases section gives an idea of what services could be built using the GEO technology.
  5. Disclaimer and risk factors section: contains links to the legal-related materials.

As you can see, the White Paper is dealing with the ideological and technical questions mostly. If you are interested in the business part of GEO Protocol, feel free to contact us, so we can send you business and investment-related materials upon request.