The last few weeks have been really busy here at GEO Protocol! You’re about to find out exactly what we’ve been so busy with – we also intend to keep you updated on great upcoming events and announcements (hints to some of them will be given at the end of this article).

But let’s start by taking a moment to report on the past events that took place a couple of weeks ago. We mean Blockchain Week in Berlin that took place at the end of August 2019, as well as Layer 2 Meetup: Berlin edition that we successfully organized.

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019

Great event, as ever! We really enjoyed the atmosphere and all those friends and new acquaintances we met there. It’s always nice to meet like-minded people in between our hard work schedule. And of course, it’s great to get new business opportunities. 

Specifically, the GEO Protocol team visited a number of meetups, among them were the following:

  • Web3Summit
  • DappCon
  • Token Engineering Global Gathering
  • Decentralized Storage Summit
  • Blockchain Hackers

Also, our team members Max Demyan and Vitaliy Gataulin were interviewed during the DappCon by Basic Block Radio, the Russian-speaking podcast. You can watch the interview here (in Russian).

Layer 2 Meetup: Berlin edition

And of course, GEO Protocol with the support of CoinFund continued to organize the Layer 2 Meetup. 

The first one we held in New York this year during New York Blockchain Week was a success, so we decided to hold the Berlin edition on August 21, 2019.

Layer 2 Meetup: Berlin edition

This time our speakers discussed the following topics:

  • The current state of Layer 2 technologies & the main challenges they face.
  • Community development and the creation of common standards & databases.
  • Layer 2 Adoption: user experience, state channel use cases.

And the speakers were these great guys:

The whole thing was moderated by Jake Brukhman from Coinfund.

Max Demyan, CEO at GEO Protocol and the Layer 2 meetup audience

About 60 people attended the meetup. It was a great talk and discussion. But, hey, we filmed it for you, so you can watch it right here:

Konichiwa Osaka!

And here’s the announcement we talked about at the beginning of this despatch. Of course, we won’t stop here, and will continue to hold Layer 2 meetups – and the next one is coming up very soon!

Layer 2 Meetup: Osaka edition on October 10th, 2019.

DevCon 5 is coming in October and it will be held in Osaka, Japan. Of course, GEO Protocol team members will be there and we will be organizing the Layer 2 Meetup there too.

Details are yet to be clarified and announced, but you can get your FREE TICKET now by following this link.

You can also register and/or get more info (on partnerships, speaking opportunities, etc) by contacting Vadym. Here’s his contact info:


Telegram: @vadnester 

Thank you and we hope to see you soon in Osaka or elsewhere! 

Be sure to stick around, since plenty more exciting GEO Protocol announcements are coming soon.