Despite what Hollywood may suggest, you can’t really change the world all by yourself. Even the best ideas still require the right people on your side to deliver them. That’s why every project is the product of the people who created it and toiled to bring it to life. But to work more effectively, they need to be more than just a bunch of guys and girls. They need to form a team! This is exactly what we have in GEO Protocol — a proper team. We don’t have much of a hierarchy here; instead, everyone focuses on doing what they do best while helping and supporting each other. This way of thinking and acting has brought us here and will propel us further to the heights we have always dreamed of.

So, who are they, GEO team members? Let’s start with our co-founders.

Max is the one who dared to dream first. The idea, which later formed the core of GEO Protocol, was born back in 2013. It was the result of Max’s in-depth research into the fields of economics, human evolution, and the nature of money, as well as over 20 years of his experience in starting a business and social projects from scratch. Having actively spread the idea and practical knowledge of Teal Teams and decentralized organization creation, Max met Dima in 2015, whereupon they began their work on conceptualizing and developing the technology.

After meeting Max in 2015, Dima became the chief system architect of GEO Protocol. He is a highly qualified professional in the field of development and a network systems expert who has intensive experience in backend engineering and architecting. He is also an open-source activist, crypto-analyst, and specialist in decentralized and distributed systems security. The same year, Dima and Max founded GEO-Pay, the P2P payment service based on the GEO Protocol technology they have started developing.

We will continue to introduce GEO team members in the next publications. Stay tuned!