Last week was a momentous one for GEO Protocol as we had the privilege of being part of the most expecting and significant blockchain-related events of the year – New York Blockchain Week and Consensus 2019.

As you probably already know, the GEO Protocol team visited a number of great events in New York and even organized one. Check out our brief report below to find out how we got on.

Building the New Web NYC Edition

On May 12, Lena Kuznetsova, Business Development Manager, and Nik Ilashchuk, System Architect at GEO Protocol, held their presentation at the Building the New Web NYC Edition meetup. It was titled “GEO, The Interoperability Off-chain Protocol” and you can watch it below.

Consensus 2019

We found this year’s Consensus great as always. It felt like the world’s entire crypto community had gathered in New York City to see each other and to discuss all the current challenges and share new ideas. Here you can really feel the beat of the industry’s heart.

It was very nice to see all the familiar faces, and of course to meet some new ones. There’s a number of people we will definitely meet again to discuss further cooperation.

Layer 2. Blockchain Week NY Edition Meetup

At GEO Protocol we took this initiative to organize the Layer 2 Meetup for all the Layer 2 developers and project leaders to meet and discuss related issues, exchange experiences, and share ideas. We see this as our contribution to the community.

Thanks to all the great speakers and guests who supported us at this event!

The L2 Meetup consisted of two panel discussions.

The Layer 2 Panel was dealing with topics like challenges and types of L2 solutions: atomicity and its solutions (HTLC/HTLA and others); multi-asset L2  transactions; types of state channels; UX with state channels; routing in multi-hop and multi-path transactions; liquidity and throughput problems in L2; challenges of crypto adoption; regulation vs. decentralization, etc.

The awesome speakers at the Layer 2 panel were:

The Micropayments panel dealt with topics like micropayments use cases, micropayments in IoT, streaming payments, V2X, gaming, and cloud services.

Here are the great Micropayments panel speakers:

And of course, special thanks to Alex Bulkin, co-founder of CoinFund, and Julien Genestoux, founder of Unlock Protocol, who moderated the meetup.

Since this event was a success, and many of its participants expressed the need for this, we will definitely continue to organize the Layer 2 Meetup in the future.

Meanwhile, feel free to join the L2 Level Uppers Telegram chat. It’s used to continue communication between all the interested meetup participants.

CoinFund Portfolio Companies Showcase

Then, on May 17th, the GEO Protocol team took part in the CoinFund Portfolio Companies Showcase, an invitation-only event held by CoinFund, a New York-based investment fund that recently participated in GEO Protocol’s seed round.

The event showed potential partners and investors the scope of CoinFund’s project investment portfolio. The section on GEO was presented by Lena Kuznetsova.

The event opened some very promising opportunities for all participants. We are sure we will see the fruits of this in the near future.

It was a tough and yet very motivating week for the whole GEO Protocol team and our existing and future partners!

Now we’re all back at work. But that hard work doesn’t feel so hard for us, since all that energy we received from the community and the people we met at Blockchain Week and Consensus will fuel us for the months to come.

Stay tuned for more great news from GEO Protocol!